What they say: "Usefulness, enjoyment, content and exercises all 10 out of 10"......"A valuable course to ensure we are providing precise, relevant and engaging copy for our website"

What The Sentence Works can do for you

Here’s something that might surprise you: being a good writer is actually quite straightforward. There are plenty of simple tips I can pass on to you that will improve your writing instantly. 

Have you, for instance, ever stopped to think about how long your sentences should be? Do you make common mistakes like using “could of” instead of “could have”?  Are you guilty of splicing? Do you even know what splicing is? Do you want to learn how to stop making the same spelling mistakes time and time again? 

Often all you need is someone – me, ideally – to help you realise which aspects of your writing need improving and to offer some suggestions about how that can be done.

My day workshops focus on helping you develop a strong, clear, direct writing style. We'll also take a look at the most common punctuation and grammar mistakes, and I'll throw in some spelling tips for good measure.

The Sentence Works offers a number of different types of training and coaching.


Improve your business writing and media communications skills: get noticed, get coverage and get sales.    (Open course or in-house training).

• Write effective press releases and business emails
• Learn how to get media coverage and boost your sales
• Practise your interview skills with working journalists

This course is run jointly with media trainer Steve Hemsley.   We cover the most important parts of the Sentence Works course, with additional sessions on on writing brilliant emails and attention-grabbing press releases. There will be time to work on your own documents and get one-to-one feedback.  We'll also look at how to get your message across to journalists, how to deal with difficult questions and developing key messages.  You will get the chance to be interviewed on one of your own stories, with extensive feedback.

This one day workshop is ideal for new PR executives, marketing professionals responsible for media communications and small business owners or managers.

Business writing training - Be a better writer in a day (open course)

These workshops take place in Brighton, with a maximum of eight people on each course. The course is ideal for small business owners, charities or companies who need writing training for one or two members of staff. It’s perfect for PR agencies wishing to brush up their skills in writing press releases and trainee/freelance journalists who could do with some general writing tips.

It is also suitable for recent graduates or people who are returning to work after a career break.

The highly interactive course includes:

  • How to write crisp, punchy sentences
  • How to write in straightforward English to make your work more readable
  • How to cut out unnecessary words to make your writing clearer
  • How to begin and end a document effectively
  • How to structure a document in a logical way
  • How to write to length
  • Grammar and punctuation. The most common mistakes and how to avoid them in future.
  • Spelling. Hints and tips to improve the spellings that give you nightmares.

Please see our course dates page for details of upcoming workshops.

Business writing skills (in-house training)

Do you have a number of delegates who would like to do the workshop? If so, The Sentence Works can come to your offices.

Our in-house training is always available at a time and date to suit you.  We offer a variety of courses to suit your time, budget and needs.

We can deliver the standard day-long Sentence Works workshop, the half day masterclass or the intensive two-hour session. (Please see below for more details). 

We can combine standard elements of the course with others tailored especially for you. For instance, we designed an email workshop for one client and a press release writing workshop for another.  For in-house courses, we will use your own examples of web copy, reports etc.

We can also develop an entirely bespoke workshop for your staff if you prefer.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Be a better writer in two hours flat (open course or in-house training)

This short business writing workshop will introduce you to techniques that will improve your writing the minute you get back to your desk. We'll look at how to craft succinct, uncomplicated, attention-grabbing sentences, plus how to avoid management-speak and write in simple, straightforward English.

We'll end with discussing how to use apostrophes correctly, and throw in some essential tips on how to improve your spelling.

The session is highly interactive, fairly noisy, great fun and incredibly useful.

It's ideal for around 10 delegates, though it can be designed for any number up to 20.

Be an even better writer in two hours flat (open course or in-house training)

This course is ideal for people who have taken the first two-hour workshop, though it works as a stand-alone course too. Here, we take an in-depth look at structure - how to begin, end and order your document. We'll introduce some sophisticated writing techniques including clever ways to link paragraphs, and discuss how to write for different audiences.

No Sentence Works masterclass is complete without a quick grammar lesson, so we'll look at the comma splice and how to avoid it. Don't know what the comma splice is? You definitely need to come to the workshop!

Please see our course dates page for details of upcoming workshops.

Be a better writer in a morning (or an afternoon). In-house training

This four-hour masterclass is a condensed version of our full day workshop, designed to fit into half a day. We'll cover all the areas above but in a little more depth and with some more exercises and discussions.  This workshop also looks at common mistakes in English, including frequently misused words and comma splicing.

Alternatively, you can opt for a three hour masterclass and use the last hour to work on your own documents, putting what you have learned into practice and getting feedback.

PR training

We have a special workshop for PR companies, which combines writing skills training with an insight into the minds of journalists. As well as the writing training, we'll look at examples of bad press releases and reveal the things that wind journalists up about them. We'll also discuss how to pitch a journalist by email and the things that will make them love you.

One-to-one coaching

An open workshop might not be for you. You might have particular issues you would like to focus on, or you might prefer the privacy of individual coaching.  You might want advice and help on writing a particular document. I can offer a one-off session or we can have several meetings.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements or to set up a meeting. This writing skills coaching is particularly suitable for senior executives.

Coaching is available face-to-face, by email, phone or on Skype.