What they say: "This has given me confidence in writing press releases, and planning and editing my own copy"...."Amazing course - really good content and fun to complete."...."Will improve my writing significantly"...."I have already put some key exercises into practice and it has helped so much."


Writing skills for work. For life.

Business writing courses in Brighton and London

We are a training and coaching company that will help you to improve your writing and do your job better as a result. It really is that simple.

Every day, millions of us are crafting reports, pitches, blogs, press releases, letters, brochures, emails, bids, tweets and university essays. Just about everybody has to write, but few have any training in how to do it well.

The importance of good writing at work

A clear, direct writing style works with just about any document in any industry.

Good writing is succinct and unambiguous. It avoids unnecessary jargon, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It’s entertaining too, catching the reader’s attention and making them read on because they want to, not because they have to.

Put simply, better writing in the workplace can help make your business more profitable. For instance:

  • A persuasive email newsletter promoting your company’s products and services will win more customers than one that waffles and is full of grammatical errors
  • A well written bid or report is more likely to succeed than one that is confusing and full of jargon
  • A clear, engaging website will generate more enquiries from potential customers
  • A succinct email will encourage your reader to read to the end and actually do what you need them to
  • A poorly written answer to a customer complaint can mean you lose that customer forever – but a well written one could win them back
  • A succinct press release that catches the attention of a journalist is far more likely to get your story into the media, improving your company’s image
  • Poor writing can make you – and your company -  look unprofessional and sloppy. It makes it look like you don’t care
  • Good, clear writing will save you and your reader time.  

What The Sentence Works can do for you

We run business writing courses for companies and individuals. The Sentence Works is based in Brighton but we are happy to travel to wherever you need us. We offer:

  •  Open courses for individuals
  • In-house training for companies (standard and bespoke workshops)
  • Joint media/ writing skills workshops (available inhouse and as an open workshop)
  • One to one coaching

We offer a variety of courses from our short “Be a better writer in two hours flat” masterclass to full day workshops. Please see here for full details

The method may be different but the aim is the same – to help you polish your writing skills. We firmly believe that the basic principles of good writing apply to any and every type of document, whether it's a 300 page bid or a brief email.

Who we've worked with

Clients include

* ZSL (London Zoo)

* The Red Cross

* NHS Clinical Commissioning Group

* Brighton and Hove Bus Company

* Pegasus PR

* Sussex Innovation Centre (Sussex University)


The trainer

I’m Judy Yorke and I set up The Sentence Works in 2014.

My experience includes:

  • Copywriting and editing. Work includes major franchise bids, PR campaigns and  copywriting for management consultants and small businesses
  • Journalism.  I wrote my first feature for a national newspaper (The Guardian) while still at university and haven’t stopped since. I've been a professional journalist for 25 years, and have written thousands of features in that time. I’ve held staff writer/ features editor positions on business magazines, regional titles and consumer magazines (Good Housekeeping and Woman).  Since going freelance in 2007, I’ve written for scores of titles including the Daily Mirror, Daily Express, Closer and Fabulous. I co-wrote a weekly page, Welcome to the Weekend, for the Daily Mirror for nearly three years
  •  Teaching. As a tutor for the British College of Journalism’s online course, I give extensive feedback to students every week
  •  Training. I’m a qualified trainer (level 3, Education and Training).

I believe that the skills journalists use every day - gathering information and explaining it to readers in a concise, straightforward but entertaining way – are directly applicable to business. That’s because a clear, direct writing style works with just about any document in any industry.

I’ll be using the writing skills developed and sharpened over a quarter of a century to show YOU how to improve your own writing at work.

Our promise…

Whatever type of training you choose, it will be useful and it will be fun.

It might improve your life.

It will definitely improve your spelling.

Please email judy@thesentenceworks.co.uk if you want to know more, or fill in the form on our contacts page.